• Random Merch: Necklaces, Slap Bracelets, Paper, and More!

    Remember the 90s? The dawn of the internet, with it's endless possibilities and chatrooms you totally weren't supposed to be in.  If you were a kid during this era, you probably had one of these strapped around your wrist during your first expedition into the world wide web.  If you want to relive it, hit Target up!  Thanks to Flarabelle for the image.

    Head on down past the break for more random merch!

    Wrapping Paper

    This wrapping paper is currently in stock at K-Mart for the holidays. It seems like each store has their own exclusive paper, though I could be wrong. Thanks to Mark for the images!

    Rainbow Dash Necklaces

    I could see these selling pretty well.  Hot Topic has added some Rainbow Dash pendant necklaces.  For once it's not just the cutie mark!


    And to go with your new dash, a similar style set of earrings has also joined the merch armada. 

    I haven't been to a Hot Topic in a while, butj from the looks of the background, they seem to be pretty heavily pony focused.

    Thanks to Tiffany for both images!

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