• Toy Review: Favorites Collection Zecora

    As many of you have probably picked up by now,  Glowy Zecora started showing up about a month ago.  Since her release, she has had two price increases and some stores literally can't keep her in stock. If we link her Toys R' Us page she tends to disappear an hour later, followed by mass emails talking about backlogs and waiting periods.  She was also the first toy to sell out at her booth during Comic Con, going up against juggernauts like Doctor Who and Batman.  

    Needless to say, shes not having any difficulty being stupid popular.  But just in case you are on the fence and want a bit of a look at the deeper aspects of the toy, continue on after the break for my review on Glowy Zecora!

     First off, as with all collector series pony toys, the packaging is much less girly than usual.  They roll with the darker purple tones, with only highlights of pink.  These are definitely marketed more toward collectors.  I'm not a collector though, so OFF WITH IT'S PACKAGING!

    One thing I like most about this toy is the very little maintenance.  My brushables are all collecting dust in my closet now aside from Nightmare Moon.   Zecora comes out of the box with a mohawk and wrapped tail.  There are a few loose/longer strands of hair you may want to fix up a bit, but for the average brony who doesn't want to style their pony, its almost perfect.

    There are a few little issues though.  For starters, her bracelet only goes halfway around her leg.  I suppose it would be difficult to mass paint these things, but shes not a cheap toy by any means price-wise. 

    The paint itself is high quality and detailed.  So far I've had a few issues with random large empty patches on other pony toys, so I'm glad this one game out alright.  She does have an empty eye socket similar to the Vinyl Scratch toy, but unlike Scratch, her glowy material makes it pretty much unnoticeable as you can see from the image above. 

    And a cutie mark paint shot.  They didn't slack off at all on these. 

    I did notice this little blemish on the right leg.  Due to the nature of her material though, this only shows up in specific lighting. 

    I'd use a non custom, but Derpy is my only Fashion Style pony that isn't custom
    Sizewise, shes about the average brushable in height.  A bit larger than the blindbags, and smaller than the behemoth fashion style ponies. 

    She glows about the same as your average glow in the dark toy.   I couldn't capture the full power of it with my camera, but it's reasonable enough when you charge her under a light for a while.   I'm a sucker for glowy things, so it was more of a plus for me than anything!

    And that about covers Glowy Zecora.

    Would I recommend picking her up? Definitely! While there are a few derps here and there, the toy is one of the best looking out there. I didn't think I'd ever find a brushable I genuinely liked aside from Nightmare Moon from the collector set. She is a bit on the pricey side though.  Judging by other Toys R' Us exclusives, I doubt it will decrease any time soon.

    Right now she is available on both Toywiz and directly from Toys R' Us, though TRU tends to diminish stock pretty quick and throw people on lists. If you have the extra money you might want to consider Toywiz.