• Welcome to Ponyville Act 1 Released!

    We finally have a game release! Who would have thought?

    For those that haven't been following the project, Welcome to Ponyville is a visual novel style game, where you interact with the various characters of Ponyville while building up a reputation throughout the town.  This is the first act in a planned set of releases from the guys over at Filly Games. 

    And for those worry, this is a strictly work safe game.  It's kind of funny how visual novels tend to lean toward the unsafe territory! 

    Anyway, head on down past the break for their release notes, as well as a link to go play it and radio ad!

    It's finally here! The introductory act to the visual novel game, Welcome to Ponyville! Head to our website for all the download spots: http://www.fillygamez.com/

    Fellow bronies! Have you longed for a chance to visit Ponyville and hang out with your favorite candy-colored equines? Well, here's your chance. Welcome to Ponyville is a visual novel game that lets you interact with your favorite MLP characters, purchase a home, and experience a multitude of stories. Utilizing a custom-built engine, the game allows you to make decisions that will directly influence not only the characters, but all of Equestria. Featuring a custom soundtrack by Balloon Party artists, as well as a few up-and-coming musicians, Welcome to Ponyville has something for everypony. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and hop on the first train to Ponyville: a place filled with magic, friendship, adventure, and PONIES. We here at Filly Gamez look forward to seeing you all there! We have such sights to show you...

    This introductory act, or Act 1, is the first of many and features over 20 of your favorite characters, a unique soundtrack, familiar voice actors such as MissBunniSwan and Rina-chan, and over 30 possible interactions to be seen across multiple play-throughs.

    Thanks to our partnerships with The Midnight Magic Productions (creators of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes), Celestia Radio, The Lightning Round Podcast, and our cooperation with Equestrian Dreamers (creators of My Little Investigations), MLP Online, and Equestria Daily, you can expect all sorts of easter eggs, familiar voices, and special content.

    We will also be hosting a main character contest for you all. To enter, simply play the game and draw what you think your character looks like, cutie mark and all. There are some subtle hints throughout Act 1 that will help you out. We will be choosing three winners, one pegasus, one unicorn, and one earth pony. Winners will have their character featured on our website and in the credits of Act 2! Please send your submissions to fillygamez@gmail.com, titled (species name) MC contest submission (ex. Pegasus MC contest submission). Contest ends November 22nd.

    Want to join the Filly Gamez team and work on an amazing project? Well, here's your chance. We would like to add at least two more musicians to our soundtrack. Preferably one that specializes in electronic or dubstep, and one that specializes in more of an orchestral style. This is a great opportunity not only to work on a major project, but to help promote your own work. To audition, please send an email with a link of your work to fillygamez@gmail.com, titled Musician Audition.