• 4 Days Remaining On Hey Ocean Kickstarter!

    Almost a month ago, we linked to details about super voice actress Ashleigh Ball's band Hey Ocean creating a Kickstarter page to fund a world tour. So far so good! They've reached their minimum goal, which means they're going to get to start traveling and performing at all sorts of venues.

    But as awesome as that is, there's still a chance to make it at least twenty per-- ok, ok don't hurt me. The kickstarter hasn't ended yet, and every dollar more can help them get that much further out. Maybe even to an area you can attend at! If you've never seriously listened to them, Hey Ocean is a refreshingly genuine band that rocks the hell out of acoustic guitars for a jazzy, poppy, fizzy blend of groove for you to enjoy and smile at. And right now a fifteen dollar pledge gets you access to their Side-B tracks and bonus songs that haven't been released anywhere else.

    I'm not going to tell you that you have an obligation to contribute to this even if Ashleigh is the one who makes Rainbow Dash and Applejack come to life every time an episode of FiM comes on. But you do have a pretty unique opportunity to score yourself some great music on the cheap (their latest album is a perk at the five dollar level) while helping to make dreams come true. You should hunt down a song or two and see if this is the sort of thing that's worth opening your wallet for. What do you have to lose?