• New Brony Centered Bags and Boxes at Toys R' Us

    Zecora and Vinyl Scratch selling like crazy? Expand! Toys R' Us has added these new sling style backpacks to their inventory for eight bucks a pop.  Looks like we will be seeing more pony stuff from them soon!

    The cool thing? They specifically labeled them "Brony".  We now have our own merch line.  I bet you guys didn't expect that a year ago! Now we just need some more show accurate molded singles and all will be good in the world of pony.

    We also have a new Vinyl Scratch tin box.  I am not 100% sure what a tin box is specifically used for, but I'm sure you could store your lunch in there for work or something! Skip the fast food, bring a sandwich!

    Find their story pages here:

    Vinyl Scratch Backpack
    Rainbow Dash Backpack
    Vinyl Scratch Tin Box 

    It looks like Toywiz has also picked these up, with a release of October.  Find that here

    Thanks to Wisam for the links!