• Music: Gator In The Tub // =(When Luna Sleeps)= // Sweetie Belle //

    I'll take a life, that others may live!
    Oh, that's just the way it goes.
    I'll shut my eyes, it hammers in my head!
    Where it'll end nobody knows!

    Dash is looking stylish today. Just like the music in this post! Segue. Two instrumentals and one remix. Today we've got a General Mumble remix, some Luna classical, and some Sweetie Bot, whom I bet gets more music than Applejack.

    1) Neu KatalYst fixes General Mumble - Gator In The Tub
    2) =(When Luna Sleeps)=
    3) [Cherax Destructor] Sweetie Belle (Sweetie Bot's Dilemma Remix)