• Random Merch: Watches, Cadance Costumes, Underpants, and More!

    There isn't a whole lot of random merch popping up lately.  I guess the whole back to school thing is kind of over at this point.

    Blas sends these images from Kmart, where they are stocking this gift set complete with the case, watch, and necklace all seen above. The entire thing will run you about 25 bucks.    Have any of you actually bought all these wearable pony items yet?  I'd be curious to see someone wearing the set.

    Anyway, head on past the break for more random merch!

    Paint With Water Set

    For those not already completely flooded in pony arts and crafts items, another new one has popped up.  It looks like all you need is water to color it, no paint required.  Sounds kind of bland to be honest! Isn't the whole point of paint to make a mess?  Thanks to Jamus for the images.

    Underwear and Shirt Upper Wear

    And for those out there with either a growth defect that makes you the size of an 8 year old, or an actual 8 year old, we have more underpants and whatever that shirt thing is called available.   I too love Pinkie pie, but I don't think that would fit. These in particular were found at a store called Citymarket in Finland  Thanks to Karolina for the images.

    German MLP Sticker Album 

    A store called Lidl in Germany has grabbed a new sticker album, filled with 80 this time.  We even get  a new vector of Celestia from the looks of it.  Thanks to Runoratsu for the image!

    Canterlot Royal Wedding Costume

    And finally, if you plan on ponifying your kids this Halloween,  we have a new Royal Wedding/Cadance costume to use.  This one can be found on Amazon for $41.   Thanks to Jessie for the heads up!