• Albums: Cake / Sounds of Equestria / Octavia's Extensions / Octavia's Preference / From Scary to Soft / Howling at the Moon / EP for Twilight

    We are a bit late on a lot of these, but they are albums none the less! We have something for everyone in here. Head on down past the break for the bunch!

    And for the musicians out there - If you submit an album, include a description and genre!

    Cake - Aviators

    Description:Released as a birthday celebration, "Cake" is an experimental and somewhat nonsensical EP. It was created in its entirety in 4 days as a musical exercise. An experiment quickly turned into a full project, with collaborations and full vocal tracks. It's an EP created with the sole intention of fun!

    Sounds of Equestria - Multiple Musicians
    Genre: Ambient

    Description:Here is a brony album with over 2 hours of brony ambient music for chill/relaxation. It is made up from 4 different artists.

    Octavia's Extensions - Sim Gretina

    Description:New Sim Gretina's 20-track long remix album full of ''Octavia's Secret'' Remixes

    Octavia's Preference - Doof Cake
    Genre: Orchestral

    Description:6 track album containing most of Doofcake's orchestral music so far, including an exclusive remake of his most popular track 'Bright Eyes'"

    From Scary to Soft - Naswalt
    Genre: Dubstep, Nintendocore

    Description: Naswalt's first solo album. it doesn't completly suck! :D

    Howling to the Moon - Cyril the Wolf
    Genre: Rock/Metal/Folk

    Description: A collection of songs with two hidden bonus tracks that must not be spoiled!
    Every song has been rerecorded and/or remastered with love and affection. After a year of producing music about MLP this is really representative of what it meant to me and the growth it affected in me as an artist. It's been a blast and I've spent most of it "Howling to the Moon" becuase Luna inspired me way too much.

    EP for Twilight - Meelz

    Description: Finally released my album, at the moment it's just up on Bandcamp with a free download link, gonna be on iTunes and other major distributors by this weekend

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