• Music: Anthropology (Lyra's Song) / Flutterborn (Sonic Breakbeat Remix) / The Hydra

    You guys say you are sick of Lyra and her human obsession.  I say you should stop making awesome Lyra and her human obsession content then! We don't get a lot of theater style songs here on EQD, so have a bit of Lyra's musical based on Anthropology.

    And for those that don't usually prefer such a genre, we have a few instrumental tracks to top it off! find them all below!

    1.) My Little Pony: The MUSICAL! Anthropology (Lyra's Song)
    2.) Twitch - Flutterborn (Sonic Breakbeat Remix) (Samples/Electronic)
    3.) Everfree forest - The Hydra (Orchestral/battle)

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