• Ponies Invade World of Warcraft, Derby Days

    Source: Martin
    When did Pinkie Pie become a panda?  This image makes no sense!

    Apparently blizzard decided to sneak a few pony references into the game.  Aside from this, we also got a semi-likely Eeeyup from one of the Pandaeran farmers. You can find that one after the break!

    Knowing Blizzard and their love of pop culture references, I doubt these are the only ones.  I wouldn't be surprised if an entire Elements of Harmony quest chain popped up somewhere in there.

    Source: Spazzy
    And for you mobile game fans out there, a Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie have popped up in Derby Days...for 50 bucks.  Do people seriously pay 50 bucks in these things? I wish I had that kind of money.  I'd probably buy a custom Fluttershy instead though! 

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