• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 3

    I promise this is not going to be 30 days of Lyra as the post header... sometimes there will be Bon Bon, too! No, but really look at her and tell me I had a choice on this one. That's a pony what knows how to move, baby. And move she has, along with all 1053 of her friends! Combined with the full results of yesterday's gallery, that puts our two day total at an astonishing 2522 ponies! This is mind boggling. I trotted 5500 out as last year's total because I was proud of it. You guys are going to crush it before Wednesday. Big round of applause to all of you, using as big and swingy of a motion as possible. I'm a mare of the hour, after all.

    So, some good news on the gallery front! Because of your continued and astonishing enthusiasm for the NATG, you're producing too many ponies to host on the internet the normal way. This means we'll be sticking with the solution we used last night, which is good for all of you because it means I can afford to leave the submitter open for several hours past the actual deadline again! Rejoice, all of you last minute "slip it under the door" types! I get to be lenient again!

    Speaking of submitting, to send an image for day three, use the Day 3 submitter. I know, it sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how hard it can be to find a place when you aren't told where it is. Get cracking, then!

    Today's prompt is all about incorporating a little extra bit of the world alongside your pony, seeing how the living matches to the non-living: Draw a pony with a prop/Draw a material pony!

    And without further ado, I present you the Day 2 Gallery: Enter the Motionarium (every one of you who drew a pony on a go board gets a bonus gold star sticker today for best use of joke prompt)