• Nightly Roundup #397

    Calpain here after returning from the mystical land of Ohio! Yep, I got my lease today to continue ponying it up in the State below me so come visit me sometime in Ohio around the Athens area!

    Anyhow, time for some news!

    Let's Start With Some Cake to Celebrate!

    Swedish Bronies Interviewed Again!

    Our Swedish bronies are at it again, this time getting interviewed by Sweden's 10th largest newspaper (190,000 readers)! Check out the original article with accompanying translation below.

    Original Article
    Translation Document

    BBC America Reports on My Little Pony

    Sure, it isn't a hardcore report, but it's still pretty cool to see the BBC of all things even mention My Little Pony. Apparently an article has gone up detailing a James Bond Skyfall parody featuring our favorite colorful equines. Check out the article below!

    BBC America Article

    Pony SRPG Needs Help

    Copy Paste:

    Hello everypony! I'm part of a devolpment team working on an up and coming SRPG. We're looking to make a full-fleged game that the whole fandom can enjoy, but there's the problem: there's a lot of work to be done and only a few of us do it. Here's where you guys come in. A game like this needs a lot in terms of art and we are really in need of artists, especially spriters. We could use a few musicians and programmers if possible. If you feel like you could help us or are interested please contact me at [email protected] Thank you all for your support.


    Brony Musician Directory Interviews Eurobeat Brony

    Mystery Pony Theater 20,000

    Copy Paste:
    Sorry for the delay on this one i miscalculated and by that I mean i forgot to make 3 episodes for 3 weeks that i'd be gone woot failing kindergarten math anywho i promise yall 2 new episodes to make up for it next week so as always sit back and enjoy the ride on another random episode of Mystery Pony Theater 20,000

    Australian Brony Cast

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings to All Bronies

    Want to come and have fun online over skype with the Australian Bronies, need that night filled your itching for more ponies before bed. Well look no father than the Australian Bronycast.

    We welcome any brony on the show and in Skye chat just add me lightninghoof to skype and we'll see if can crash either Livestream or the chat it self with are Bronyness and community love for MLP FiM. News will shown and talked about don't ask about Season 3 question's we have no idea who is returning and such though there have been hints at Trixe making a come back and about Season 3 having 13 episode, *gasp* the horror that might come if they did that.

    Fan fiction writer's would be good to have you on the show and talk about fan fic's that got you started writing those 5 star fic's on Fimfiction and Fiction Archive Online. Artist your most welcome to in and share your art work with us along with those that love doing music we all wish to hear from you and get some info on what you think about the two Season 3 songs that we have been gracefully given to try us over.

    Fan made Animation makers are more then welcome, hell we invite you to come onto the show and share with us your desire to create those wonderful video's we see on Youtube, website's and facebook.

    Skype: lightninghoof

    New time right after Bronyville Podcast so we can keep the party going for another two hours on the the good pony high

    Celestia Radio Interviews

    Copy Paste:

    Daniel Ingram (and Aviators/Alex S) Interview with Brony Hour
    SleeplessBrony (writer) Interview

    Next up (for Saturday night's roundup if you would) Sunday I have two cool interviews with BronyFanFair (convention in Austin, TX who will be announcing their guests of honor during the interview) at 5PM CDT/6PM Eastern (11 GMT) and then FillyGamez (creators of Welcome to Ponyville!) afterwards at 8PM CDT/9PM Eastern (2AM GMT). Details at http://ponify.me/2012/sunday-interview-bonanza-w-bronyfanfair-and-fillygamez/


    Successful Meetups

    Michigan Meetup

    Nice to see a Michigan meetup! Being in the middle of the State I feel so alone when it comes to meeting other pony fans.

    Copy Paste:

    My name is Jake Rayner, Admin of a facebook page for the Michigan Bronies and Pegasisters. We are a relatively small group that treat each other with a kindness the likes of families, and we hope to grow in size and spread our love and tolerance to those around us!

    We recently had our first get together, and though only a few members could come, we still had an amazing time getting to know each other.

    We are always looking for more members to add in both the Michigan United States area, as well as any other bronies that want to join from anywhere else.

    We hope that come our next meetup, we'll have a big bonanza that could make even Pinkie Pie proud!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Friendship is Gaming Black Ops Tourney

    Copy Paste: 

    Most Brony gamers have found a home at FiG, but what's a home without a housewarming party?

    The Friendship is Gaming clan is hosting a Black Ops tournament, Tuesday, August 7th. More than likely going to be held overnight, but if you're awake for the roundups, then you'll be fine anyways (it's going to be a long night for me then...). We're hoping for an admittedly ambitious 16 Teams, 4 members per team, but we're welcoming to anyone; brony, non-brony, your cousin, neighbor, anyone really.

    This is a completely free tournament, which although means no prizes, also means there's no restrictions on entering!

    For more rules and specifics, http://fimclanwebsite.weebly.com/black-ops-tournament--tuesday-august-7th.html
    And for the general Clan Page: http://fimclanwebsite.weebly.com/
     Hope to see everyone there!
    Mount and Blade Clan

    Call to all Mount and Blade players, the newly formed Equestrian Foreign Legion clan is looking for members. Come visit our Steam group at "EQFL" and find fellow Bronies to play alongside, and if you enjoy the environment feel free to stick around and join the clan.
    Link to Clan steam Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EQFL
    Questions can be direct at the clan founder by steam name "Sapare".


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