• Breaking News: Pagan Gods in Control of Pony Music

    Have you ever wondered how exactly someone scores an entire season of 24 minute episodes without losing their mind?  How they can keep bringing in fresh music even after such a huge amount has already been created?   William Anderson just dropped off this insider secret over on his deviant art page:

    Casting the spell known as "The My Little Pony Mind Meld," whereupon I enter a trance state and commune with The Grand Goddess of The Elements of Harmony, who transmits the music for the show to me while I am in oneness with her. The music for the MLP:FiM is not written by me, it is given. I am just the vessel for the transmission. The music is from The Goddess of the Elements of Harmony.

    - William Anderson

    I guess that confirms why Friendship is Magic is so alluring.  You have all been coerced by a pagan god. Honestly, I don't even mind.

     All Hail the Grand Goddess of the Elements of Harmony!