• Comic: Veggie's Farewell

    For a long while now we have featured comics of many types, a tradition started on EqD dating back to the earliest Madmax comics. Since those times we have featured many artists, some of them becoming staples on the site due to the quality of their work and the positive reception they have received not only on EqD, but across the fandom as well. One such comic artist is Veggie.

    I've known Veggie for a long time, long before I ever became a blog author. Since his humble beginnings I have seen him grow much in that time as he shared his own variety of wonderfully show accurate comics to us all. He has given us Adult Scootaloo, Spitfire and Soarin jokes, and the Lyra and Guyra comics... and now he wishes to say goodbye.

    Veggie will be missed, but he still promises to keep in touch! If you're a fan of Veggie's comics, as I am, click the picture above and leave a comment on his last comic. I'm sure he'll appreciate it! Best of luck, Veggie! Thanks for all the fun.

    An Indefinite Hiatus - Journal Entry

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