• Custom Compilation #82

    Every time I think Cereal's brainwashing isn't taking hold, some amazing Rarity related artwork pops up to recondition me again. How can she not be best pony with poise and grace like that? Not to mention those curls!

    Custom comp time guys! Check out all the pony after the break.

    Source 1
    Gems Dahr-ling 2

    Source 2
    Sculpts Project: Cadence/Shining Armor Snowglobe

    Source 3
    Wildfire Embroidery

    Source 4
    MLP:FIM Royal Guard

    Source 5

    Source 6

    Source 7
    Fluttershy Handmade Custom Plush Quilt

    Source 8
    Custom Sculpted/Hard Hair Lyra

    Source 9
    Custom Sculpted/Hard Hair Bonbon

    Source 10
    Discord MLP Custom Converse

    Source 11
    The most AZN Pony PhotoFinish knows

    Source 12
    The name's Mane. Con Mane

    Source 13
    The Doctor and ALL his Pony companions

    Source 14
    Princess Luna

    Source 15
    Trixie, the Great and Powerful

    Source 16
    reading twilight

    Source 17
    Discord MLP:FiM Custom Sculpture/Figure

    Source 18
    Commission Rainy Day

    Source 19
    Pinkie Pie Loki Brushy Custom

    Source 20
    The Living Tombstone Brushy Custom

    Source 21
    Daring Do Embroidery

    Source 22
    Upper Crust and Jet Set

    Source 23
    Having a Drink!

    Source 24
    Another Season Three Twilight

    Source 25
    Rainbow Family Commission

    Source 26
    Pinkie Pies!

    Source 27
    Spare Fluttershy for sale!

    Source 28
    Spitfire (no uniform) - Custom G4 My Little Pony

    Source 29
    FILLY Princess Luna with Color Changing Hair

    Source 30
    Snowdrop Finished Pony

    Source 31
    Derpy and Dinky Paper Plushies

    Source 32
    Chibi Pinkie Pie with her Lollypop

    Source 33
    Gala Rarity Blind-Bag custom

    Source 34
    Blind-Bag Gala Pinkie Pie

    Source 35
    Blind-Bag Gala Twilight

    Source 36
    Gala Rainbow dash

    Source 37

    Source 38
    Gala Pinkie Pie

    Source 39

    Source 40
    The Pie Sisters

    Source 41
    Pinkie breaks 4th wall

    Source 42
    MLP:FiM Royalty

    Source 43
    Custom Fashion Style DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch Set

    Source 44
    Custom Sculpted/Hard Hair Applejack with Hat

    Source 45
    Custom Sculpted/Hard Hair Blossomforth

    Source 46
    Custom Sculpted/Hard Hair Octavia

    Source 47
    Custom Blindbag Octavia

    Source 48
    Custom Blindbag Nurse Redheart

    Source 49
    OOAK Celestia Sculpture

    Source 50
    Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor

    Source 51 - Andrew
    Derpy Hooves Mailmare Custom Blindbag MLP FIM My Little Pony

    Pony Speed Sculpts

    This is pretty awesome! I've never seen someone make such a good sculpture in such a short time. Check out her Youtube account for me speed sculpts!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here