• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 25

    Don't worry your pretty pony head about it Twilight, we've all been there. When our friends learn a little more than we wanted them to. When our faces flush red and we pop blood vessels trying not to faint from the embarrassment. Why just the other day, I... well. Ahem. Maybe that's a story for another time. Today's story is the tale of 320 sneaky, sneaky ponies and their tales of daring do and thievery. Not to be confused with The Tale of Daring Do and the Thief of Thievery Way. I'm not sure what choice you have other than to become a thief living on a street like that. Which is as lovely a segue as any to tell you that this secretive bunch brings our very public total up to 14322 images! Think we can clear 16k in the last few days?

    To submit for Day 25, follow your nose to the great taste of Loop Froots cereal, a part of this complete breakfast containing a complete breakfast plus a bowl of cereal. You might also want to click the link and fill out the form - on some browsers that's been known to work better.

    Perhaps you've noticed already, but tonight I am in a silly mood. And a silly mood gets a silly theme: Draw a pony Singing/Draw a pony wailing. I'm expecting lots of big, big entries tonight. And a side of krill. Do me proud, or call me Ishmael.

    With your help, I've put together all of the missing pages of the Thievius Ponificus. In which Sly ponies abound, along with Octavias and Vinyl Scratches galore. We've all got our secrets to hide, which I think is why it's so much fun to drag them out into the open. But secrets have a price, and anything that can be sold can also be stolen. Watch your back, and be wary before stepping into the dark, dear readers. I'd hate for you to run afoul of any "treasure hunters" so close to the end of the Training Grounds!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here