• Music: Love Is In Bloom - Cello Duet // The Gypsy Bard Version // Friendship is Improv //

    We’re goin’ all out
    But get ‘em up, get ‘em up
    And if they wanna take a picture
    Tell ‘em I don’t give a f--k!

    It's time to remix your morning, or something. Throw eggs at it, I suppose. Cover it with bacon and wubs. Wubs- a part of this balanced breakfast. Cereal recommends at least six unit wubs every day. Why are you letting your breakfast tell you what to do?

    Love Is Is Bloom, Gypsy Bard, and and improv pianos.

    1) My Little Pony - Love Is In Bloom - Cello Duet Cover
    2) The Gypsy Bard Version
    3) Friendship is Improv (Brony Piano Collaboration)

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