• Barnes and Noble Adds Nook Pony Books

    Barnes and Noble has expanded their inventory to include a whole bunch of new NOOK books for those of you with the reading divice.  Included in the mix are some we have already seen from Ruckus's iOS app, as well as a few other ones like the Cutie Mark quest above.  Prices range anywhere from 99 cents to four bucks.

    Check out the page for them here!

    One thing to note, Ruckus's apps tend to be based off episodes, and we haven't seen "Things that go Bump in the Night yet" as pointed out a while back.  It might be a way to get a sneak peek at season three, though no guarantees there. 

    And in other news, they have an actualy printed one in the works too for 10 bucks.

    Have an overview:
    Kids will not only enjoy this sweet story starring Rarity, the most beautiful unicorn in Ponyville, but they’ll also be able to build Rarity’s Carousel Boutique with the included punch-out pieces. And the fun continues as kids make up their own stories or put on a fashion show with the three included press-out ponies, a pony mannequin, and 6 press-out outfits with accessories. A pocket on the back cover stores all your press out pieces.
    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!