• Ruckus Media Apps Heading to Android + Stories based on Episodes + Derpy

    Someone from Ruckus tossed a few comment replies out over on Cereal's review of the "Things that go Bump in the Night" app.  It sounds like some cool stuff is on the way.

    First off, Derpy will be returning in future installments.  She wasn't included in the recent ones, but they know we love her.

    The second big one is the upcoming Android version.  I personally don't have an iOS device, so this is really good news!

    And last, and definitely not least, these stories are apparently based off of actual episodes.  Take that for what you will, but we haven't seen some of these yet.  Maybe they will be found in a future season? Who knows!

    We will be running an event here soonish to give away a bunch of these, so keep an eye out!

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