• My Little Investigations: Gameplay Video Plus Announcement

    They're, um... investigating the bottom of... shut up, I need more Cadance!
    Perhaps you've heard of My Little Investigations - the Ace Attorney style pony fan game starring Twilight Sparkle and her search for truth and justice. If you haven't, here, have a website. But if you're too lazy to click a link, just know that this is really really pretty and really really awesome. You know what's better than something that requires four reallys to describe it? A four really something with a playable demo!

    And the folks at Equestrian Dreamers are now confident enough to set a release date for just such a demo: May 5. Yes, Cinco de Mayo, the perfect time to buy a lot of Corona (the preferred beer of sun princesses everywhere!), get smashed, and solve pony mysteries. If you're not excited by this, you either need to check out the video below the break, or you're the culprit. Hmmmm... I'd better keep my eye on this one...

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