• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 23

    There are few things in the world like chilling out with your best friends, knowing that you can count on them through both thick and thin. No wonder friendship is such a special thing, eh? Good evening folks, it's time once again to share the fruits of your labors with the world! Tonight we've got 356 friendly ponies having a good time and just hanging out. Climbing ever higher we now sit at an unfathomable 13643 images of all things pony! You all are simply amazing, you know that?

    For our artists in training looking to continue their journey, they may find the new submission gallery for Day 23 here. As per usual, send all your questions, concerns, and suggestions to [email protected].

    On to the theme so that those of you chomping at the bit can get started. Tonight's theme is something we've all undoubtedly experienced at one point or another, especially when we are really busy (like finishing up drawings for the Training Grounds). For today I'd like you to Draw a Pony Staying Up Late / Draw a Pony in the Dark! Let's give these ponies a chance to experience the lovely night.

    For those of you that want to do some hanging out with tonight's gallery of friendly ponies all you have to do is click here. Remember to comment if you can guys! Have a good day and good luck!

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