• Everfree Northwest 2012: Poster Artist Spotlight


    Markarian, your friendly neighborhood Everfree Northwest convention head, has sent over a spotlight detailing the various artists who made the posters that were sold at the con!

    Head past the break and support these artists by checking out their designs!

    Greetings, everypony! We can't thank you all enough as a community for helping us to make the first Everfree Northwest an incredible success. But we'd like to take this one moment to highlight some of the artists who donated their time and energy to create these stunning visual mementos of our event. These were the posters that were for sale in our con store. Didn't get one? We have a limited supply of these left which we will putting up for sale soon. 

    First up is Dana Simpson, a local artist who some of you may remember from the award-winning comic strip, Ozy and Millie, as well as the cartoons I Drew This and Heavenly Nostrils. Whatever Spike and Twilight are listening to, you've probably never heard of it.

    Cosmic Unicorn, who designed not only a set of posters for the Mane Six at our convention, but also our stunning conbook cover, hardly needs an introduction. Please check out more awesome pony and EFNW artwork at cosmicunicorn.deviantart.com

    Tympany (furaffinity.net/user/timkangaroo), whose interests lie in animation history, has had the honor of being a staff artist at BroNYCon, and decided to commemorate Tabitha's first MLP event appearance with this appropriately celebratory poster:

    Tom Smith, AKA Insomniac Overlord, envisioned what might happen if Rarity was asked to design a special dress that definitely says "Seaddle." This incredible piece shows of Element of Generosity in her zone, doing what she does best, of course. To see more of his spectacular artwork, check him out, post-haste at insomniacovrlrd.deviantart.com

    Last, but certainly not least, we have SilverTail, who has been drawing since he was a young child and is not only responsible for the 20% Cooler poster below, but also for nearly every single art asset and design aspect of the EFNW website. He truly is a pony of many talents.