• Random Merch: Puzzle Books, Belts, Birthday Cards, Magazines, and White Celestia's Lines

    Time for more of that random merchandise you all love so much!  Hasbro's domination of the world continues along at an astounding rate.  It looks like we will soon have Twilight Sparkle plastered on to just about every object in our houses. 

    First off, we have a puzzle book (Going for 7.95 CDN) spotted in Calgary by an observant brony going by the name of Holly.  Apparently it was buried in a bin filled with g3 merch. Perhaps it's a scheme to get us newbie pony fiends to check out older generation stuff? Sneaky! 

    We also have yet another birthday card, this time with some Scootaloo.  She doesn't get nearly enough love.   Thanks to Meagen for that one (found below).

    Hot Topic  expanded their inventory with yet another belt, this time focusing on Rainbow DashSears has also picked up the Derpy Belt from a while back.  Thanks to Ginger Snap for digging that up. 

    And finally, Germany is being invaded by a yet another new magazine.  Our number one Italian reporter, Taliesin,  sent over a whole pile of images from his recent purchase of the thing.  We have posted the comics out of this one before, but never the normal pages.  Find all of those after the break, including a plastic diary thing that comes with it.  He also confirmed that the white talking Celestia Toy has the same lines as the pink one.  Apparently they got their hands on one early.  At least she is white, right?

     Magazine pages after the break!

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