• Cereal Velocity and Phoe Interview John De Lancie

    You might have heard of this guy John De Lancie! He played a pretty popular draconequus and is making this documentary about some group of nutjobs called bronies. Phoe and I thought it would be a good idea to ask him some questions to see if he was legit or not. Turns out he is. Imagine that.

    In this fifty-minute interview with John we talk about the similarities of the growing brony fandom to the Star Trek fandom that he was a huge part of, discuss his plans and hopes for the Bronycon documentary, and generally sit back and let him explain to us his vision of what he plans to accomplish with it. I invite you to sit back and do the same thing we did- bask and absorb. If you have doubts or questions about what the documentary could be, this will answer them.

    You can find the embed after the break!

    "The world needs more bronies." - John De Lancie 

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    And of course, head on over to the kickstarter page to help out! Their next milestone is to get the crew over to Galacon and BUCK in Europe, and only you can make it happen!