• Tara Strong Being Awesome (Again)

    A few days back, Tara Strong had to cancel her appearance at the Knoxville Comic and Anime show.  This was a pretty sad announcement for those that were planning on attending, including a disabled fan going by the name of Dragon.  After noticing the mother posting a comment on her Facebook wall about it, Tara did the best thing she could, she called up dragon and talked to him in Twilight Sparkle's voice. 

    Have the exact dialogue from their Livejournal account:

    Tara:  Is this Dragon?
    Dragon:  ...yes.
    Tara:  Do you know who this is?
    Dragon:  Yes, it's Twilight Sparkle.

    Dragon:  Tara, you are so talented with all those voices you do.
    Tara: Yes, yes I am, aren't I?

    Tara: (in Twilight's voice) I love you, Dragon.
    Dragon: (stunned, muttering) ...love you, too, Twilight.

    Tara: Dear Princess Celestia, today I got to talk to an awesome person named Dragon.
    Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

    Tara and Dragon: Sunshine, Sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!

    Tara: (in Raven's voice) Dragon, if anyone bothers you about liking My Little Pony, I'll kick their butts.

    Can Tara Strong get anymore awesome?   This has since gone viral all over the internet.   Hopefully Dragon will get his chance to meet her face-to-face in the future, but until then, It's not often a voice actor actually calls you up directly!