• Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #4 - Angel

    Fluttershy's evil lovable little overlord pet takes up the 4th slot in our string of sneak peeks!  Just look at those eyes, filled with hate and malevolence love and tolerance.  All he ever wanted was to take over and enslave all of ponyville make the world a better place through friendship and song. 

    We have Cupcakes providing the quote this time around:
    Lots of the fun in writing these cards came from trying to make the product work for the "target audience" and bronies alike. And what's one thing everyone loves? References, and Angel's card is a great example! In less than 500 characters we managed to give a quick description of who Angel is while also sprinkling in specific references to lines in May the Best Pet Win, Hurricane Fluttershy, and A Bird in the Hoof. Keep an eye out for plenty of such references throughout the set!
    And there you have it! As a reminder, Toywiz actually has these for sale already.  You can find them here.