• Nightly Roundup #358

    Vinyl edition! Also new banner by Alexstrazsa.

    Food Ponies

    So tasty!

    Ponies in MAKE

    I have no idea what MAKE is, but they ran an article on ponies! Check it out here.

    More Chess: Spike

    White side almost done! Check it out here.

    More License Plates!

    I don't have a vanity plate because they're like $200.
    [email protected] Competition Reminder


    Only a week left until the [email protected] competition starts. Currently, 65 people have signed up. If you are interested, pop in to the link below, and make a post indicating your intention to sign up for the competition (registration not required to post):


    The prize list has been updated. Currently, the prize list is as follows:

    1x 17-19 inch plush (winner chooses any design between Derpy and the mane 6)
    1x Fluttershy plush
    1x Zippo lighter with a custom engraving design of the winners choice
    1x Any Welovefine shirt under $50
    1x Any Steam game under $60
    4x Steam game bundles (winners choose 3 games from a list; more information in the link above)

    In other news, we have also broken the top 200 of all teams. This is a major achievement for both our team, and for science. Keep up the good work guys!

    Finally, according to my current statistics, 9 registered competitors do not show up on the points list. Please follow the link above, and find the progress sheet. If your name shows a 'no' in the last column, check your program settings, or make a post in the thread.

    Good luck to all competitors!


     Brony and the Fatman

    I am writing you once again to tell you that the second episode of my new podcast is availble for download on Itunes. Its called "Brony and the Fatman. Its hosted by myself, Shadow Nightbolt from Inland Empire Bronies and my non brony friend. Its not 100% brony related but we do spend some time talking about the fandom. Anyway if you could please inclued mentioning us in a nightly round up. Here is a link to our website http://bronythefatman.libsyn.com/.
     Ukofe Podcast

    So it was just bobby.p this week, so it was a much shorter episode but Laserpon3 came on to talk about his involvement with broNY con and B.U.C.K
    also went over Lollipop Chainsaw and read out community responses to the question of the week
    be sure to answer this weeks on the forum
     Australian Bronycast

    Just reviewing more episodes and having fun along with more news for Australian Brony's with iTunes updating to have 10 Episodes up by the end of next week.

    We need a banner, background and Logo. Cause i am going to be asking Hasbro Australia next week to Sponsor us if we can get a Sponsorship with Hasbro Australia then we are going to be happy cause it would mean upgrading to a better deal on Livestream if we can get views up. I am looking at iTunes to put the show up as a Podcast too so that those that miss the show can catch it on iTunes and enjoy the Australian view on how we do a Livestream Show and such.

    Skype: lightninghoof
    Celestia's Spartans Podcast

    This week on Celestia's Spartans Podcast we discuss the intricacy and complexity of one of the major
    factors that started this fandom, Fanfics. We also discuss many other smaller items such as when we became
    a brony, John de Lanci, Bronycon and Everfree Northwest. So sit back and enjoy jet another explicit podcast
    brought to you by the most misfit bronies you will ever know.
    Fallout Equestria Radio Drama

    Alright, we were talking about running the Fallout: Equestria radio drama's promos on the nightly roundups; I cheesily suggested "Fallout Fridays", and it stuck with the team, so now we're releasing a promo every week at midnight EST on Friday.  So, without further ado, here's the radio drama's first promo for "Fallout Friday":

    Vintage, Pre-War, Sunrise Sarsaparilla Commercial:  http://soundcloud.com/radiohooves/pre-war-sunrise-sarsaparilla 

    As always, here are the links to the project's web pages:

    The project’s Facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/FalloutEquestriaRadio

    The project’s DeviantArt page is here:

    The project’s Tumblr page is here:

    The project’s Newgrounds page is here:

    The project’s Fallout Equestria Resource page is here:

    Successful Meetups 

     Las Vegas

    The day started off when some of us arrived early at Battle Blast Laser Tag. We spent about an hour in the lobby goofing off and playing various arcade games as all the members eventually arrived. Afterwards, we played 2 games of Laser Tag which was very enjoyable as well as exhausting which left most of us hungry. Like most Brony meetups, we made an impulsive decision to visit Cici's Pizza and eat to our hearts content. Which at that point many of the us went home and the meetup was concluded.

    Place: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.
    Date: June 16th

    Last saturday we had our 3rd Bronies MTY meeting, this time at a different place but we had a great time nonetheless. We were very excited because we had new people joining us! Also there was the traditional raffle, cupcakes and snacks, and we had the chance to watch Lesson Zero and talk about the activities we will have in upcoming Animex (local convention).

    Album of the meeting: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.378043185596539.88783.100396220027905&type=3

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More 

    Ponies and Dungeons
    We're happy to announce that the RPG Forum, Ponies & Dungeons,
    is now open for public users and gamemasters!

    We hope to get feedback from the players, and hopefully get the
    forum running to improve the RPG System.
    So far, we have the basic species done:



    Diamond Dogs

    Wingless Dragons

    Dragon-born Ponies

    And we're also looking for Gamemasters, so if you know how to
    play DnD, this will be a great opportunity to get your know-how
    to Pony Role Play!


    Hey, everypony!  We'll be meeting up at the 9/11 memorial behind the Naperville City Hall along the Riverwalk, directly opposite the labyrinth.  Like last time, we'll move to Einstein Bagels around 1:30-ish for lunch, and hang out there until they close at 3:00, or people need to go home.

    I'm Josh aka UndeadSquirrel and im sorting out an inpromtu meetup at an event called Gamesfest in Dubai, UAE on the 29th

    Meetup time will be at 2pm at The Living Rooms Cafe, Dubai Festival City

    Admission is free but pre register on the site to ensure entry

    any info contact me [email protected] or check the UAE Bronies group https://www.facebook.com/groups/288121337919430/
     Pittsburgh State University

    Do you live in Pittsburg, Kansas or the surrounding area? Do you go to Pittsburg State University? Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If not, I’m not sure what you’re doing on Equestria Daily but if you do then you’re in luck! As you may aware there is a distinct lack of ponies on campus at the moment but YOU can make this a thing of the past. How you ask? Simply join me in forming Campus Bronies.
    The reason for this post is to see how many people would be interested in creating an official brony club on campus.  If there is enough interest we can start filling out the paperwork immediately so that we can have a strong presence on campus at the beginning of the semester. It should be noted that people not attending PSU can still participate in the group and are more than welcome to do so.
    I’m sure you’re wondering what the club will do, well that’s up to you. We could decorate the campus in ponies, have showings, and even do some charity work. Again, that’s totally up to you. This post is simply to get the ball rolling so we can make PSU at least 20% cooler next year!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Shadowbolt Scarf

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here