• Breaking News: Star Ratings Betrayed Us! Off to Release Nightmare Moon!

    It finally happened.   For a while now, the star ratings on EQD have been unhappy with the way we run things.  About three weeks ago, we had to lock Luna up after she leveled half of Ponyville when her level 60 hardcore mode character in Diablo was killed by an internet connection issue.  Her account has since been sold on Ebay.  The stars didn't like this... at all.     They absolutely refuse to work with us, and have since gone off to release Luna with her computer and brand new Diablo account in tow.    It's only a matter of time before she loses it again.  Hardcore characters are meant to die eventually Luna! We explained this!

    All of the fanfics go through a strict check via the pre-readers before they ever even touch EQD (Minus story updates, those are quickly checked and move on), so the ratings for those have been completely pointless for a while.  The last round of 80 stories I tagged were pretty much all 5 star minus the ones that got bombed. 

    We have hired Lyra to work on a thumb system, though for those of you that read, we might just roll with a "give it a x/5 in the comments".  Try it out! Toss some critique in comments, they always appreciate it.

    Anyway, back to trying to avert the next ponypocalypse!  Twilight Sparkle has already prepared a megaspell to launch into space before they reach the moon.  Hopefully this entire crisis can be averted!

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