• Pony Trading Cards: Sneak Peek #2 - Rarity Standee

    For those wondering what exactly a "standee" was back when the full card list was released, you can find an example of it above! Rarity can be popped out and stood up, similar to those pocket ponies we used to spam every night.

    This time around, we have a blurb from card-writer, Cupcakes:
    Most of the cards in the set are for reading and collecting, like characters, locations, and scenes. Standees are an exception: with some strategic bending you get a pop-up standee of a pony to display wherever you want. Or have tea parties with. Or you could use them as props for home movies! Anyway, there's one for each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders dressed in their rock ballad costume, and each of the mane six in Carousel Boutique fashions.
    We will be covering just about every card type by the time this is through.  Check back tomorrow at around the same time for #3! 

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