• Warning: TLC - My Crazy Obsession Seeks Pony Collector

    I don't usually post things like this.  You are all free to enjoy pony however you wish, and talk to whoever you want about it.  Enough people have convinced me that a small warning would do us all some good in this case though.

    A show called My Crazy Obsession is sending a reporter around looking for someone with a huge pony collection.  They are visiting various forums/communities hoping to find the perfect target, dropping messages similar to this:
    Hi Everybody,

    I am casting a show for TLC about people with unique collections or obsessions. I found this forum and wanted to get in touch with anybody who has the most amazing My Little Pony collection to see if they'd be interested in sharing their story on our show. Please shoot me an email if this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of. Hope to hear from some of you!
    My Crazy Obsession has never been about showing people in a positive light. The crazier the better. It makes good TV, we can't blame them for that!  If you do own a larger than average pony collection, I would recommend avoiding it like the plague though.  I might even run a "show off your pony collection" event in the near future if you want to brag.

    Again, it's up to you!  This was just to give you guys an idea on what exactly the show is.

    And an excuse to post Trixie.