• Instrumental Music: Battle with Ahuizotl / Starswirl The Bearded / The Darkening / Shadows of the Everfree

    For some reason, I like Daring Do music, even if it might not even be Daring Do. And I am seeing awhole bunch of Starswirl lately! I really hope he shows up in some future episode so we can see what he actually looks like. Knowing FiM, it will probably be completely different than what we expect. I'm hoping for the slightly zany mad scientist myself.

    Have some instrumental stuff!

    1.) Battle with Ahuizotl - 8bit Boss Battle (8 bit)
    2.) Starswirl The Bearded (Electronic / Trance / Dubstep / Glitch / A million others)
    3.) Thorinair - The Darkening (Original Mix) (Trance)
    4.) Shadows of the Everfree (Original Song) (Orchestral Trance)