• Story: The Price of Grace (Update Story 2!)


    Author: Sparkle

    Celestia and Luna live a carefree childhood at Canterlot Castle, but its end approaches far too quickly. As both of them try to come to grips with their future roles as queens, they find themselves drifting apart; while Celestia is ready to adjust, Luna struggles. Meanwhile, a new evil rises that could drive a wedge between the two for good...
    The Price of Grace 

    Additional Tags: Long, Drama, Growing up, War, Redemption

    [Sad][Dark][Adventure] Sequel

    Description: Young Celestia has gone into hiding in the underbelly of Equestria. Through his vile scheming, Discord has driven her out of Canterlot Castle, engineering a civil war; Luna, her mind and soul poisoned by Discord, has turned into Nightmare Moon. Sooner or later, Celestia must face what she knows is her destiny: to confront and banish her own sister, before the advent of Eternal Night.
    The Nightmare (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Destiny, Eternal Night, Betrayal, War, Grace

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