• Story Updates June 18th (Morning)

    Story update time!  Scratch has a glowstick and she knows how to use it!

    Story: My Little Pony - Hospice (Update Story 2 Part 5!)


    Author: Cudpug/Alex Phillimore
    Description: A ten-part story revolving around Rarity and her rapidly declining lifestyle after becoming consumed by the fashion industry. The main theme of the narrative is helping those in need.
    My Little Pony - Hospice

    Story: This isn't my House! (Update Part 4!)


    Author: treg388
    Description: Various ponies begin to find that rooms of their homes have been replaced and one man on earth finds the same thing happening to his home. A collection of misadventures caused by 'room swapping'.
    This isn't my House!


    Story: The Gauntlet Blazes On (New Part 2!)


    Author: Cerulean Pen
    Description: "Her final wish was for you to be her. Rainbow wants you to survive her spirit, her loyalty to be more exact. She needs you. She needs you to be the Element of Loyalty, Scootaloo."
    The Gauntlet Blazes On


    Story: Sunset (Update Story 2 Chapter 22!)


    Author: Ciroton
    Description: Some things in this world happen by chance. Others do not. Twilight Sparkle is about to learn a disturbing truth that will turn her world upside down.


    Story: These City Walls (Update Part 16!)

    [Normal] [Sad] [Slightly Dark]

    Author: KitsuneRisu
    Description: A strange series of occurances are plaguing the fine city of Canterlot, as one by one, a pony of vengeance strikes seemingly random ponies down in their prime. As the locals try to contain the situation, they find that it soon slips out of their hooves as they discover that this one simple pony might not be as simple as was originally thought. Once Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia gets involved, can everyone work together to bring down this threat that threathens to ruin the very core of Canterlot?
    These City Walls


    Story: Newsworthy (Update Story 2, Part 8!)


    [Normal][Light Shipping]

    Author: Medicshy
    Description: A Journalist is given a major scoop about a certain six ponies at the Grand Galloping Gala. But it seems that these ponies don't like the attention. Will he be able to get his story? Will he be able to go through writing it if he does? And what consequences await the aspiring writer's choice? Whatever the outcome, it is all Newsworthy.


    Story: U-Harmony (New Part 10!)

    [Comedy] [Shipping]

    Author: Ebon Mane
    Description: Twilight's curiosity pushes her to go where no bookworm has gone before: on dates. Dates with lots of unfamiliar (and not so unfamiliar) mares. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

    A parody of dating websites in general, named after eHarmony.