• Nightly Roundup #354

    Bouncy rainbow dash edition!

    Applejack Chess Piece

    Another one! Check it out here.

    Banana Celestia

    It's a banana made out of Celestia and Celestia-flavored pudding!

    Or something like that.

    Bronycon Documentary Kickstarter Rewards Contest

    Someone is holding a contest to give away rewards from the bronycon kickstarter event. Check it out here.


    Fluttershy reading a book? That's Twilight's territory.


    Exactly what it says on the tin. Check out the details here!


     Ultra Wave Call-in Special

    he Ultra Wave Bronycon Call In Special

    Are you a Brony? (Well I know you are, i'm just only doing this for advertising effect XD) 
    Do you love the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is taking over the world by storm?
    Is Pinkie Pie your best Pony?
    Are you going to Bronycon?

    If you said yes to mostly all of those then you might want to know that this Sunday the 24th June, Ultra Wave is going to be doing a special live show on Livestream called The Ultra Wave Bronycon Call In Special, where you the EPIC Bronies that are going to the convention can call the show to talk about how you feel about Bronycon and what your most looking forward to at the con as well. The date for the show will be this Sunday the 24th June at 7PM UK Time, 2PM Eastern Time & 11AM Pacific Time and it will be on for either 2 or 3 hours. 
    So if your planning on going to Bronycon next weekend and you can’t hold in all the excitement anymore, then be sure to tune into The Ultra Wave Bronycon Call In Special as you could be on the show live talking about why you love MLP so much and why you are going to Bronycon, and if your not going to the convention then that’s all cool, you can still be able to tune in and listen to all of the random and crazy fun that will be going on. :)

    Ultra Wave Livestream Channel: http://www.livestream.com/ultra_wave?t=723262

    Successful Meetups


    Successful Ne Meetup with a hand made Discord statue made out of Construction Paper!! --------------------------------------------------------------

    The Tylers of the Yorkshire Bronies group met up yet again in Leeds, much fun was had by all, even if the rain and a distinct lack of available merch did try to ruin our plans.

     Maidstone, Kent

    We started off a bit late and made our way around the busy market town going to all the shops that are known for selling ponies, although unfortunately stocks of blind bags were low since we're still waiting for Wave 4 to reach Britain. It was perhaps a bit too busy considering we lost one of the group an hour into the meet, but fortunately he turned up again, so we didn't have to go on a manhunt. We got food for a picnic and had it in the nearby park where our cookies were raided by a dog and we made a human pyramid, but migrated to the nearby coffee shop as it got colder. After an hour or so we walked to the local bowling alley for a game, which basically amounted to re-enacting the bowling scene of 'The Cutie Pox'. We rounded it off with chilling out in the park before going home. We numbered at 15 bronies in total which was a fantastic turnout for a small local meet.


      No information for this one! The email was just an image. A 4mb image.

    Read about it here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    Join us, the Canterlanta Facebook Group, at Seishun-Con 2012 at the DoubleTree Hotel at Windy Hill on Sunday, June 24th at 11AM. Meet some other bronies from around the area and we will try and hit up some last minute deals at the artists and dealers alley for Pony merchandise!

    Join our Event on Facebook: http://derpy.me/qSuHN

    for more Meetups and Info!

    Hello there. I'm Enigma Sage from Equestria Gaming, and I'm just alerting you guys about Pon-E3, which is an event on Equestria Gaming on July 13 and July 14 where a bunch of devteams from around the fandom will be posting promotional material about the games they are making. You can read the announcement post here:  http://www.equestriagaming.com/2012/06/announcing-pon-e3.html. Thanks!  
    brohoof.com Summer Sun Celebration

    At brohoof.com Minecraft server, we'll be having a Summer Sun Celebration event, details are here:


    The event we had peaked at 200 people on the server at the same time, it was insane. 

    Bronies Again - Singapore is looking for more members, not just from Singapore but from anywhere in the world. Come and join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/301751286575615/.--------------------------------------------------------------
    Tera Guild

    We are a newly formed guild, in Tera Online. On the server Allemantheia.

    The name is <League of Harmony> and we are currently low on members.

    We do not yet have a website, but that will probably change with time.

    Guild leader: Whimsey

    Contact by using In-game application system. Writing an in-game mail, or simply PM me.
    Finnish Bronies

    The Finnish pony community welcomes all Finnish fans of the show to join our ever-growing herd on our discussion forum at http://forums.brony.fi/ and on our IRC channel #brony.fi @ irc.eu.ponychat.net