• Charity Events Going on Today!

    I don't know what the cause was, or why it happened, but everyone decided to all run charity events today! A whopping four of them to be exact.  Hopefully you all cleared your schedules and saved a bunch of money, because it's time to take over the world one good cause at a time! 

    I'm going to treat this post convention style.  Headlines are below, and full articles/press releases are after the break.

    • Celestia Radio 60-hour Reques-A-Thon (Supporting Kiki's Cancer Fund)
    • Charity auction for THREE separate seats at the BronyCon meet&greet! (Supporting Care)
    • Trotcon's Humble Brony Bundle One Day Event 
    • Elements of Charity II Seeds of Kindness Kickoff - Now with Michelle Creber!

    Celestia Radio 60-hour Request-A-Thon

    The folks over at Celestia Radio will be running a non-stop 60 hour pony request-a-thon to benefit Tara Strong's Kiki Cancer Fund.  Have some information:

    From Friday night until saturday night, PonyToast (me!) is going to pull an all-nighter, DJing NONSTOP for 24 hours.

    To donate to the cause during the 60-hour period, simply hit the donate button on Celestia Radio's website (or go to http://derpy.me/CR-Donate) from 4pm Friday until 4am monday. Every cent CR gets during that time period will be donated to Kiki's Cancer Fund. You can also always donate at the above giveforward link!

    In order to request songs, go to http://ponify.me and click "Chat", or simply log in to any IRC-capable client at the address irc.freenode.net and go to the #CelestiaRadio channel. Then, type /msg Trixie to request a song through the current DJ!

    Also, because of Celestia Radio's built-in listener cap, Everfree Radio has agreed to relay the entire 60-hour event through their extra relays to give us an extra 600 listener slots!


    Due to traffic loads, Celestia Radio went down! Have some direct links to join in:

    Stream PLS
    Flash Player
    Paypal Donation Address: [email protected]

    Charity auction for THREE separate seats at the John/Tara/Lauren BronyCon meet&greet!

    Couldn't muster the dosh to donate $2500 to 'BronyCon: The Documentary'? Want to bid on a seat at that amazing John/Tara/Lauren meet&greet the night before BronyCon? Want to contribute to charity? If you answered 'yes' to all three questions, be sure to tune into The Old Grey Mare (http://www.greymare.org/) this Friday night at midnight Eastern/9PM Pacific. It's a show about fanfiction authors, with guests including Pen Stroke (Past Sins), Alexstrasza (The 63rd Rune), PK (Antipodes), Midnight Shadow (Buck to the Future), and Robcakeran53 (My Little Dashie), plus guest host Cupcakes (Shutdown). During the show, THREE seats to the meet&greet will be auctioned, with all proceeds going to CARE! So check it out.

    The direct URL of the stream is http://www.twitch.tv/theoldgreymare.

    Trotcon's Humble Brony Bundle One Day Event 

    TrotCon will be donating half of the money collected from badge registrations between now and June 9 at 1 AM Eastern. That's less than 24 hours from now, so act fast! During our stream tonight, we matched $90.02 in donations to the Humble Brony Bundle, for a total of over $180. If you're considering coming to TrotCon this summer and haven't purchased a badge yet, now is the time! Not only will you still be able to get your badge for the low price of $20, you'll also be contributing to a worthy cause while doing so.


    Elements of Charity II Seeds of Kindness Kickoff

    Today, Friday 8th at 6PM Pacific, the Elements of Charity 24-hour gaming marathon will kick off with tons of guests and some surprises, supporting a village and orphanages in Africa as well as Kiki's treatment fund. Only €4.5 more are needed to completely fund the Green Village and Tanzanian orphanage! Then, we still need a lot more for the Another Hope orphanage in Uganda. There will be Bronies for Good staff to discuss the African projects, the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser and the next album. Lisa Wiese, head of the charity Your Siblings, cannot attend to this stream, but we will broadcast her  message and open letter thanking all of the brony community for successfully funding the clinic and being very close to funding the village and orphanage.

    There will be over $260 in giveaway prizes, including a Twilight Sparkle toy signed by Tara Strong.

    Head here for more information!

    Update:  Michelle Creber will be popping in at some point!

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