• NIghtly Roundup #343

    Adult Diamond Tiara Screwball edition! Compare to Adult Scootaloo edition.

    Fixed by Seth edition too. Blog intern PK has been re-locked up in his closet.   

    Brony Documentary

    Dota 2 Spike Model

    Check it out here!

    Draw-off Competition

    I think the picture pretty much says it all, but you can find more info here!

    Giveaway Contest

    Have some copypasta!

    To enter, all people need to do is leave a comment under my current deviantart journal for a chance to win one of 5 pieces:
    -A wooden Applejack piece
    -A flying mailmare Derpy piece
    -A Cutie Mark Crusaders trio
    -A Princess Luna piece made of african blackwood
    -And a Derpy piece based on Faust's classic sketch

    The address where this all goes down is http://xofox.deviantart.com/ 
    The book closes at noon, US central time this Saturday, June 9.

    Tangentially Pony Related Zelda Charity

    More copypasta!

    I'm Tim and I run ExtraLives.org, a website involved with broadcasting video gaming marathons live online to raise money for charity. Since 2009, we've raised over $78,000 for various nonprofits through these fundraisers. We've recently revamped the website and are shooting to get our fundraising total over $100,000 this summer.

    We've got a Legend of Zelda Marathon planned for this Friday, June 8th (http://extralives.org/zeldathon2 -- feel free to use the banner in any newsposts) and we're looking to raise money for Free the Children, an international humanitarian aid charity involved in bettering health and education for kids in developing nations worldwide. With $8,500, the charity is able to construct a single-room schoolhouse and we'd love to be able to raise that much during our fundraiser.

    Fan Made Pony DVD Covers and Menu

    Ponies in Nintendo Power

    I have no idea what the context for this is. This was all that was in the email.



    Zombie Bacon Pony

    I actually like turkey bacon better than pork bacon. COME AT ME.


     Babble with Bronies

    Greetings everyone!

    We're back after our little hiatus! This week, Toxic-Mario will stop by and be interviewed by us!

    The interview is at 3:00 pm CST on Saturday, June 9th.

    Find the interview here:http://babblewithbronies.tripod.com/home.html

    Email me if you have questions at [email protected]

    Hope to see you there!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronies of Frisco

    Check out the facebook group here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff


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