• Blast from the Past #6

    Hello again everyone! Ready for a trip down memory lane? That's right, it's Blast from the Past time once again! Before we dive into some pony nostalgia, I've got to say the feedback from last week's Fanfic Blast was wonderfully postive. I'll be doing another fanfic edition in the coming weeks so watch out for that.

    As always, send your fanfic, video, music, ect suggestions to: calpaina@gmail.com

    First Video: Trouble is a Friend
    Our first video is a special treat! One of the very first pony PMV, this video comes to us from October 2010, shortly after MLP:FiM premiered. It's creator was a fan by the name of Pensive Pine, which some of you might remember as Pensive Pony who would share pony episodes back in Season 1. Can you believe we're getting closer and closer to two years already?

    Super Ponybeat - Evil Enchantress

    You can't talk about pony music without bringing up Super Ponybeats. Joining the scene in Jan 2011, Eurobeat Brony released the above tune. Since then he has released a plethora of awesome pony tracks while the music community was still in it's infancy. Check it out above!

    The Rainbow Knight

    Another one of the early pony/movie trailer mashups, this came to us back in March 2011. From there it spread to a variety of websites exposing yet more people to this new fangled pony thing. Check it out above!

    Double Rainbow Dash

    Keeping with the spirit of pony's roots in 4chan, a lot of early videos were composites of pony scenes combined with well known memes. This one coming to us from March 2011 was one of the more popular videos of this occurrence and is actually quite good!

    Saltlakrits - At the Winter Gala (Mashup / Remix) 

    After season one ended, pony fans everywhere were worried about the long summer ahead and whether or not the fandom would survive so long without pony. Instead of giving up, pony artists everywhere were motivated to keep the pony train going and it wasn't long before new material began to pour in. Above we have one popular piece from right after the season one finale back in late May 2011.