• "Official" Looking Toy Molds on Ebay - Gilda, Wonderbolts and More

    A whole bunch of really awesome looking toys have popped up on Ebay.   The seller is listing them as actual Hasbro produced toys, but we haven't had any confirmation.  They do look factory made though.  

    Whatshisgame points out that these may be a  part of the My Little Pony Miniature Collection found on this press release near the bottom.   The seller (Located in China) also has a whole pile of toys from other franchises that are unreleased.  He also has a few of the upcoming blindbag toys for auction. 

    If they are fake, they are pretty amazing customs! I'd buy all of them.  

    Shining Armor
    Princess Cadance
    Granny Smith
    Gilda the Griffon

    And feel free to join the MLP Arena discussion on them! 

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