• Canterlot Gardens Announces Tara Strong

    Tara Strong is invading yet another Pony convention, this time gracing the upcoming Canterlot Gardens with her Twilightlicious presence! Check out their full press release after the break, titled:

    Canterlot Gardens Roundup: There Is Simply Too Much To Announce!

    It's been an exhilarating month, and with good reason! First of all, Canterlot Gardens is proud to announce quite the guest of honor.

    Tara Strong herself will be appearing at Canterlot Gardens! Indeed, the voice of Twilight Sparkle will be in attendance for autographs, panels, and more! Tara has also more recently been heard as the voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham City videogame, and of course as Batgirl in Lauren Faust's upcoming Super Best Friends Forever series. We couldn't be more excited to have Tara, and we can't wait to hear back from the community in response to her announcement!

    On top of that, magician and internet personality Brian Brushwood will be performing his stage show at Canterlot Gardens! Known for his work on Scam School, and NSFW, Brian will perform his trademarked bizarre magic, revealing real world possibilities that would impress even Trixie herself.

    Oh! Also, have you noticed our OC's in the header image? That's right, Canterlot Garden's very own twins are now here to represent. Please welcome the handsome stallion Carnation, and our luxurious mare Grevillea! PKX did a wonderful job at bringing the pair to life.

    Artist news:

    We have two new artists to announce!

    First of all, John Joseco, most well know... Well, most well known for being John Joseco, and having one of the most popular “ask” tumblers, will of course be in attendance in our artist alley. We're really happy to have him!

    Second off, Ohio local WillDrawForFood1 will also be in our artist alley! Known as the artist behind Ask Surprise!, he will be available for a plethora of fun!

    Third, The illustrious Traveling Pony Museum will indeed be set up at the Gardens! Look forward to seeing Inky Notebook's amazing collection of work from all around the community, and the world!

    Finally, Everfree Radio! Everfree Radio will be joining Canterlot Gardens for our three day event, providing their work and entertainment for our convention, so expect the chance to interact and have fun with the guys!

    As always, Canterlot Gardens can be contacted at [email protected] for any inquiries or requests. Our registration is currently open at great prices, and there is still time to sign up for a table in the artist's alley for all you creative types looking to get your commissions out there. All in all it's looking like this September will be unforgettable!

    -The Canterlot Gardens Team