• Daniel Ingram Nominated for Outstanding Original Song

    Looks like ponies has once again been nominated by a major awards group, this time the Daytime Emmy Awards! In particular, Daniel Ingram has been nominated not once, but twice, for Outstanding Original Song in the Children's and Animation category. The songs nominated include Every Pony from Sweet and Elite and the Find a Pet song from May the Best Pet Win!

    While the show wasn't nominated for any other awards, seeing pony at least make an appearance at these award ceremonies is a wonderful thing and is a testament to the talent and skill of the team behind MLP:FiM. Keep up the great work you guys and congratulations Mr. Ingram on your nominations! You've certainly earned it!

    Check after the break for a screen cap of the announcement, official source information, and some videos of the competition.

    To view the document yourself, follow this link and click on Downloads on the toolbar to the left. On that page click on 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards Nominees. You will find the nomination info on page 59 at the top of the page.

    Some of you have been asking why did This Day Aria and Smile, Smile, Smile not make it for nomination. Remember, these awards are for content that premiered in 2011 so those songs didn't have a chance of making the list. We'll have to wait till next year for Smile, Smile, Smile as well as Aria to have a chance.

    Also, some people in the comments have been kind enough to dig up Youtube links for the competition. Thank you jordanolling and KorgerKor for the help! You can find the ones we have so far below:

    Dora the Explorer: Todos Juntos 
    Sesame Street: Don't Give Up
    Penguins of Madagascar: Hoboken Surprise