• Story Updates April 29th (Evening)

    Just two this time around! Check them out below.

    Story: Upheaval: Breaking Point (Update Story 2 Part 13!)

    [Grimdark] [Adventure]

    Author: Visiden Visidane
    Description: A coincidence and a magical accident leads Twilight Sparkle to a grim world hidden by Equestria's peaceful existence.
    Upheaval: The Breaking Point

    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (Update Part 43!)


    [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Kkat Approved] 

    Author: Somber

    Description: Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more
    interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable
    99. All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only
    endangers her stable but the remaining world as well.
    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

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