• Choose Your Own Adventure: A Brony Hero of Equestria

    There is somewhat of an epidemic going on in the fanfiction section of the EQD submit box.  Every 13-23 year old on the planet is writing stories about their adventures in ponyland.    The big problem with these? They are always sad and depressing in real life, then the ULTIMATE HUMAN in Equestria.  Lets do something different with this age old formula!

    Blueshift has released a Choose Your Own Adventure pony story that has been automooned (We don't even need Celestia anymore) quite a few times now for being a "brony in Equestria" fic based solely on the title and chapter length.    In fact, we never even looked at it.  Time to make up for that!

    Go forth my pony loving masses! Be one with Equestria! Marry Luna and Trixie! But do it in a controlled environment with danger around every corner.

    A Brony Hero of Equestria