• Episode Followup MMMystery on the Friendship Express

    I heard you guys liked episode followups, and Cereal is lazy, so I'm doing it this time!

    MMMystery on the Friendship Express went with the comedy style FiM episode, which are always my personal favorites.  Pinkie Pie definitely grew on me after A Friend Indeed,  so I was really looking forward to seeing another one with her as the focus.  Imagine my surprise when Twilight Sparkle joined her!  The Best pony co starring with second best pony?! Amazing!

    Anyway, check the followup out after the break!

    Lets start off with new/returning ponies/griffons/mules this time around. It sounds like this one in particular decided to change his name at some point in the last year to something more fitting of his role in life.  Pony Joe from the Canterlot Doughnut shop is now Doughnut Joe.  I guess "Pony" was a bit tacky anyway.  I would hate to have the name "human".    I have named a few characters Smart Cookie in various games since Hearthwarming Eve, so desserts are alright in my book!

    And in second place is a new griffon character; Gustav le Grand.  Right up until the very end, he is just as full of himself as Gilda was.   Maybe it's a specific trait with griffons? Was Trixie half Griffon? Why am I talking about Trixie?  Woops!

    Anyway, this guy has a pretty awesome design.  I'm glad they brought Griffons back. 

    Mulia Mild is a new mule character, and just as ugly as the rest of them!  I'd say I'm not a fan of mules, but that would be racist, so I will tolerate them... for now. 

    I wonder if we will see moose (mooses? meese?, I'm too lazy to Google it) in the next season?  Suddenly we find ourselves with a FiM style character model for them.  It does kind of remind me of that chocolate pony tumblr.  Hopefully the poor guy is actually fake, and Mulia isn't some sadistic mule serial chocolater that knocks random creatures out and encases them in chocolate. 

    Damn mules...

    Onward to references!

    This right here has become my favorite part of Friendship is Magic.  Every single episode I'm eyes wide open waiting for one of their completely off the wall media references.

    I'm sure the majority of you over the age of 15 probably recognize this one.  The "tied to a railway" trope has been around forever.  It seems to have died down a bit as of late, but good old DHX brought it back!  

     That cake is doooomed.

    Pony Joe, AKA "Con Mane" the international super spy?  Can it get any better than that?   Using doughnuts for the 007 intro was glorious. 

    It didn't stop there though! In typical Bond style, Con Mane gets all the fillies.  I swear I'm not jealous.  I don't want a Berry Punch and Carrot Top entourage at all.... nope.

    "Hold this, I'm about to be awesome."
    And then Carrot Top was a table.

    And finally, mules are redeemed! Mulia the stealth assassin was straight up badass.  

    Wakazashis in My Little Pony, I can finally die happy.
    Remember back when My Little Pony was about rainbows, sunshine, and Dash dressing in style?    That sure didn't last long...

    And I'm saving the most obvious for last! Or at least as obvious as Con Mane was.    Pinkie as Sherlock, Twilight as Watson, and Applejack as Applejack.  Quite the trio right there!

    I'm going to go with Twilight Sparkle for best Sherlock though.  She looks way better in a... "deerstalker" hat.  Yeah, I had to check Wikipedia for that one. 

    She also looks good in bubbles.

    Pinkie is pretty cute when she is asleep! Not that she isn't cute all the time, but she is just cuter like this.

    I use that word way too much thanks to this show... 

    That whole "20 emotions in 10 seconds" thing is a bit scary.  I love Pinkie, but I don't think I'd want to be alone with her during any kind of stressful situation. 

    Obligatory scrunchy face.

    Obligatory Fluttershy goofy face. 

    Now on to Rarity with her fake eyelashes!  I wonder if the other ponies have fake eyelashes? Is Rarity trying to hide something else?  She looks almost naked without them, even if she is almost always naked.

    This cake looks like something out of Epic Meal Time

    And finally Princess Celestia returns for another round of CAAAAAAAKE.  I for one welcome our new Cakelestia overlord. 

    Overall, this was an awesome episode.  The references alone made it great, but the back and forth between Pinkie Pie and Twilight took it to a whole new level.

    I think there is one big lesson we can learn from it though...

    Ponies have absolutely NO self control at all! I'd expect something like that from Rainbow Dash, but Fluttershy and Rarity?!  Yeesh... At least awesome ponies like Twilight Sparkle can hold back the urge to devour things.  Even Celestia looked like she was about to pounce that cake.

    I think that about covers it! Now go rage at all the stuff I missed in the comments!