• 2nd Annual League of Legends Pony Art Contest Now Open!

    Summoners! The tide of pony beckons you once again to take something awesome and fill it full of rainbows until it comes out adorable on the other side. Last year, an adjudicator on the League of Legends forums started a competition to take the various champions from the game and turn them into ponies. This year he's doing it again, with a prize of $25 in Riot Points to be handed out to the lucky and doubtlessly talented winner (NA only, sorry).  If you have any idea what that means, and even if you don't, you should check out this thread  and start looking for champions to equinify. I'll give you a hint: the answer is Lulu.

    The more pony art in this world, the better, so storm over and bury this poor man in a wave of pony art the likes of which he can't possibly be prepared for. Our dear friends at Riot Games have yet to release a true pony champion: now is the time to make them see that even on the Fields of Justice, friendship is still magic.