• Nightly Roundup #281

    I have no clue who this pony is, but it's neat.  In fact, if a pony champion was added to League of Legends, I would want it to look like that. 

    Have some roundup!

    Also new banner from Toxicmario and me!

    Pony Sticker Pack

    Someone on Deviant Art has created a huge 64 count sticker pack for you all to print out and use. Currently included are the following ponies:

    * 64 stickers (32 black & 32 white), including:
    ** 24 Fluttershy (12+12)
    ** 12 Pinkie Pie (6+6)
    ** 6 Twilight Sparkle (3+3)
    ** 10 Rainbow Dash (5+5)
    ** 2 Vinyl Pon-3 Scratch (1+1)
    ** 2 Derpy (1+1)
    ** 2 Octavia (1+1)
    ** 2 Sweetie Belle (1+1)
    ** 2 Owloysius (1+1)
    ** 2 OC:
    *** 2 MicTheMicrophone (1+1)

    Head on over to this page for it!

    Andrea Libman Invading Otafest!

    On May 18th to the 20th, it looks like Andrea Libman will be attending Otafest in Calgary, AB, Canada. You guys should totally go bug her if you are in the area!

    Check out the post for it here!

    Ponies Invade RivalMe

    Another website has absorbed the pony into their ranks. Quiz website RivalMe has added a pony category. Check it out here!

    Pinkie Pie Cake



    Ponycast Episode 13


    Radiant Eclipse Episode 1

    A new program has popped up on Everfree Radio! They didn't give me any copy paste, so hit it up here!


    Successful Meetups

    Las Vegas Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Long story short. All our bronies had a great time. There were about 30 of us throughout the night.
    Many bronies got cutie marks face painted on there.. well face of course. Some got balloon ponies from our local balloon artist brony.
    Heavenly chili dogs were eaten, dances were danced, plushies were shown off and of course wandering through all the art stalls happened.
    All in all a very good and successful meet up for the Vegas Bronies.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    MLP Forum

    Another forum has popped up! Check it out here if you need one!

    Armored Core V Group

    Copy Paste:
    Clan Name: New Lunar Republic
    Clan Leader: Darius2105
    Requirements: Headsets and English speaking. Any Brony is welcome.
    Joining: Send me a message on Xbox Live. Due to the way the servers are set up only people from the EU will be able to join. Maximum of 20 people allowed in the team.

    Northern California Party

    Check it out here!

    [Metro Detroit] The Pony Extravaganza - April 20th-21st

    Copy Paste:
    The Embassy of the Empire of Roflcoptainia cordially invites everypony and homo sapien to the Pony Extravaganza, a two day bowling, drinking, slumbering, breakfast eating, season finale watching, merchandise raiding meet. Details in the link! (note: feel free to post it as a hyperlink)

    Minecraft Server

    "Both the Website URL and Minecraft IP are "mylittleminecraft.net". (However, if you have trouble viewing the website, make sure to add "www." in the beggining.)
    We suggest you read the website to get information on commands and classes.
    The only requirement to get a class is to make a post on the appropriate stickied thread on here.
    We have recently reset the map, if you'd wish to tour the map we'd moved from, you are free to do so."

    Guild Ward 2 Guild

    Copy Paste:
    Knights of Canterlot are English; we’re mainly a brony GW2 guild. We’re a bunch of friends that enjoy playing with each other and having fun. We are both PvP and PvE oriented and try to balance out game play of both. We are mainly from the US, but EU players can join as well.



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Future Twilight Plush
    Derpy with Mailbag Plush
    Pony Sketches