• Story: In Duty's Name (Update Story 2 Complete!)

    [Normal] [Adventure]

    Author: Cloudhammer
    Description: Captain Cloudhammer has served the Equestrian Royal Guard for as long as anypony can remember. He has seen more threats to Equestria come and go than most should, from Nightmare Moon's return to Discord's revival. But when a threat unlike any other arises to threaten the very nature of Equestria itself, and forces the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony to travel to a strange and unknown land, Cloudhammer volunteers without hesitation to escort them. But the journey will test him in ways he never thought possible, and teach him lessons in friendship not soon forgotten.

    In Duty's Name

    Additional Tags: Royal Guard, Purpose in Life

    Description: It can be said the multiverse is a series of rivers, each one its own reality, all flowing infinitely close to each other, but never touching. When one river receives a sudden influx of energy and overflows its banks, touching another reality in the process, two species must come to terms with their sudden awareness of the other. And as the deeper ramifications of their meeting become apparent, both species must make a choice as one.

    A direct sequel to In Duty's Name

    This is a re-imagining of The Conversion Bureau universe as originally created by Blaze. All Canon characters are (c) Hasbro and Studio B. All Original Characters are (c) to their respective owners
    The Conversion Bureau: The First Year (New Part 17!)

    Additional Tags: First Contact, Conversion Bureau, Philosophy of Choice

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