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    Wow, ponies play D&D updated.  It has been forever!

    Have that, and more, after the break!

    Story: Comatose (Update Part 2+3!)


    Author: Vennyr
    Description: imagine what it would be like if no one could see or hear you. Your body is in a coma, and everyone around you is grieving for you.
    Lyra must attempt to find out the reasoning for her predicament so that she can escape her comatose, and re-enter the world of the living.

    Story: A Heart of Stone (Update Part 7+8!)

    [Shipping] [Dark] [Comedy] [Sad]

    Author: BorgiaBrony
    Description: Before The Mane 6, before Nightmare Moon, before the all chaos, there was a little alicorn and a young draconequus. After a chance meeting one summer morning, they begin a relationship that spans millenniums, and its not always a happy one.
    A Heart of Stone

    Story: My Little Pony - Hospice (Update Part 8-2!)


    Author: Cudpug/Alex Phillimore
    Description: A ten-part story revolving around Rarity and her rapidly declining lifestyle after becoming consumed by the fashion industry. The main theme of the narrative is helping those in need.
    My Little Pony - Hospice

    Story: Aitran (Update Part 8!)


    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: Twilight has discovered a strange old book purportedly written by Star Swirl the Bearded, and Rainbow Dash discovers a latent spell in it that transports the two ponies to a strange island in the middle of nowhere. With no viable options for a quick trip back available to them, Twilight and Rainbow begin to search the island for clues to a way home and the reason behind the odd puzzles and contraptions presented to them.

    Story: Ponies Play D&D (Update: Story 3 Act 2)

    [Normal] I'm using this image again because it is awesome.   So what would happen if they ACTUALLY played dungeons and dragons?! This story sets out to find out!
    Description: Twilight has finally convinced Applejack to join her other friends in Spike’s weekly D&D game.  However, will she be able to figure out the rules before they all drive Spike crazy?
    Ponies Play D&D

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    Story: The Flight of the Alicorn (New Part 5!)

    [Adventure] This sounds really epic.

    Author: Ponydora Prancypants
    Description: Rarity's exploits in "Sweet and Elite" set in motion a chain of events that finds the unicorn dressmaker the victim of a plot against Equestria, and shipwrecked in a dangerous wilderness far from home with her least favorite stallion, the boorish Prince Blueblood. Rarity will learn of dreadful treachery at home and abroad, and she will have to find out whether there is any substance beneath Blueblood's obnoxious veneer in order to save not only herself, but her entire nation.
    The Flight of the Alicorn

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