• Nightly Roundup #225

     See above? Blame that for the late roundup. 

    If you know what it is, you probably know why. 

    Have some news!

    Lunar Republic Case Mod / Operating System

    The case is neat, but that OS is the real cool part.

    Pony Chess Board in Progress

    Apparently this guy is aiming for an entire board! It looks like he has just a single piece so far though. Hopefully he keeps it up!

    Through the Eyes of another Pony Audio Book Seeks Voice Actors

    Just as the title said, he didn't give me any specific characters or genders though... so hit his Youtube up.

    Epic Cupcake Time Pinkie Pie Voice Actor Interviewed

    For the fans of those epic cooking parodies, the voice actor for Pinkie Pie was recently interviewed.  Check it out below!

    Italian Pony Opening Lyrics Full Translation

    Someone going by the name of Charle has done a full translation of the Italian intro lyrics. Check them out below!

    In a beautiful world,
    colorful and magical
    little ponies living
    in peace and in harmony!

    Shy and cute,
    gruff and romantic,
    are the characters
    of friends who find it!

    And every day you grow up,
    overcome so many challenges
    together with the other ponies, you know,
    you'll have fun!

    Fly and go, my little pony!
    If you want to meet new friends,
    take flight, listen to your heart,
    and every adventure you take up!
    Fly and go, my little pony!
    Realize your dreams and do not stop!

    [26''approx. instrumental / chorus] (do not stop, do not stop, do not stop ...)

    Fly and go, my little pony!
    If you want to meet new friends,
    take flight, listen to your heart,
    and every adventure you take up!
    Fly and go, my little pony!
    Realize your dreams and do not stop!

    Do not stop!
    Do not stop!
    Do not stop!

    Pony Steam Skins

    Twilight Sparkle is best skin. Check out the fully gallery of them here, with download links!


    Darkness Rising RPG Looking for Artists!

    An RPG Currently sitting in it's Alpha stages is looking for some assistance to get up and running. Have some copy paste:

    Hello everypony,
    This is a personal project of mine, having spanned over the period of about 6 or so months. With many hours being spent on it, and a few points of hiatus, the game itself is in the final stage of production.
    My Little Pony: Darkness Rising (Title may still change) is a JRPG project made in RPGMaker VX, with the chosen battle system being similar to the Mother/Earthbound series. As far as story is concerned, this has Season 1 canon to it, as pretty much shown in one of the videos. There are no OC characters, the characters are canon.
    Concerning the game, the majority is completed, and it's quite close to being on Beta. However, being the only one working on the project (not including the chosen musician, or the support), it's been a slow project, and some things have only been able to be completed to my skill level. What does this mean?
    It means I'm looking for help, specifically, sprite and portraits artists. I may perhaps even consider someone who is prolific in building towns. Once I can find people to help out, the game can move to being that much closer to being released.
    What I'm needing specifically, are sprite artists to work on the ponies, and portrait artists to work on enemies in the game. If someone that is good at mapmaking in RPGMaker VX would like to offer their services for a couple of maps, that would be greatly appreciated, too!
    If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]

    Check out some videos here, and here!

    Successful Meetups

     DC Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    January confirmed for best month!  BroNYCon and not one, but two DC Brony Meetups!  Cleverly-named January Meetup 2 was a huge success.  Pinkie Pie Party Canon V2.0 made an appearance.  Now in portable size!  Things learned: 1) Top hats are best hat-stacker hats.  1a) Pinkie Blob plushie helps with #1.  2) Don't leave Bronies with unstructured time for very long...craziness ensues.  3) Check your plushies on the way out.  We love and tolerate, but we'll steal..ahem borrow soft and cuddly ponies in a heartbeat.  4) Talent abounds....wait is that?  OMG, DERPY!!!!  ... I'm sure there was more, but my brain just exploded.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Colorado State University (Fort Collins) Bronies Meetup and Screening

    When: Saturday, January 28th
    Where: CSU Computer Science Building (In the Auditorium, but if it's taken we'll be in one of the classrooms)
    What: Saturday Morning Ponies!!
    Time: 10am


    Everquest 2 Guild
    Name: Cutie Mark Crusaders
    Server: Antonia Bayle (US)
    Faction: "Good" (However evil and neutral aligned characters can still join!)
    Guild Leaders: Jairen, Auranel, Hachiko

    ToR Guild

    Game: The Old Republic
    Server: Hyperspace Cannon
    Faction: Empire
    Guild Name: The Dark Side is Magic

    Bendigo, Victoria MEetup



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy PLushie
    Twilight Scarf
    Plastic Phone Charms

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