• Story Updates January 20th (Evening)


    Have some story updates.

    Story: Duties (Update Part 4)


    Author: Denim Blue
    Description: Change is something that cannot be stopped. Like time itself, it is a constant. Sometimes, however, it needs a push in a certain direction. Six particular mares, chosen by the Elements of Harmony, will light the path that the future of Equestria shall follow in a way they never thought possible. All while learning more about each other and the princesses that rule their land.

    Story: The 63rd Rune Update Part 6!)

    [Adventure] I guess this was inevitable!

    Author: Alexstrazsa
    Description: When a spell goes wrong, Twilight finds herself and her friends... as colts! Will they be able to reverse the effects and return to their normal lives?
    The 63rd Rune

    Story: Order-naries (Update Story 4, Part 8!)

    [Adventure][Normal] It's long! Hope you are ready to read for a while!

    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: A normal day in Ponyville is shattered by the arrival of four strangers on a mission to stop an ancient evil from making Equestria the latest in a series of ruined worlds. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are caught up in the search for seven magic gemstones that hold the key to Equestria's survival, or its destruction.