• Nightly Roundup #220

    So... It sounds like there is a lack of respect for the best pony ever lately on the EQD staff.  Clearly this needs to be fixed.  Rainbow Dash has always had Fridays and the 3rd Thursday of every 5th month for best pony day.  I guess we just never got that out there!

    Pony Shift Mod

    For the Phase Shift fans out there, a new mod has popped up that replaces a bunch of the fretboards with pony stuff. Check out the video above and the description for more information!

    Vanacast: Ticket Master

    Another episode! Charge!

    Cheerilee with UMBRELLAS

    Charity Raffle

    Hello fellow bronies, I'm a member of a non-profit organization called Loving Lives for All Mistreated Animals (LLAMA). We're trying to build a no-kill animal shelter in Missouri. We have the location picked out, the buildings designed, and the staff on standby. Problem is, we don't have enough money to purchase the plot of land, yet.

    So here's the deal. I'm creating a raffle in order to earn money for this. I'm going to sell virtual tickets for this raffle and will have a drawing when we make enough money.

    A $2 ticket will enter you for a chance to win a hand-made poster.  This is the image that I am basing the poster on.  (It's attached)

    A $5 ticket will enter you for a chance to win a hand-made plush of your favorite pony. Image not possible since you get to decide who it is. I promise you that the creator of said plush is quite skilled and the product will be top quality.  When she's done making my plushie, I'll send a picture of it in.

    If you make a $10 contribution, however, you will be given two tickets for BOTH drawings.

    If you're interested in entering the raffle, or just want to make a donation to a good cause, please email: [email protected]

    United Equestria 100 Member Celebration

    Howdy everypony! My name is Legatus Equus, and I represent United Equestria, a pony-themed alliance in the online browser game Cyber Nations. Our alliance has been doing very well; we recently welcomed our 100th member to the herd! As a celebration, we have decided to hold a Pony Marathon in our Synchtube channel, and I wanted to invite all of Equestria Daily's readers!

    Please join us in http://www.synchtube.com/r/UniteEquestria# on Saturday, January 21 from 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM (EST)! There will be fun, games, episode requests, and ten hours of non-stop pony! We hope to see you there!

    Graffiti Twilight Sparkle

    Clearly this should be completely legal. Walls are greatly improved with the best pony's visage.

    Badass Rainbow Dash Cosplay

    And the Source!

    I don't usually do a lot of Cosplay, but when I do, I prefer Rainbow Dash.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronynet Social Networking Site

    Oh hey! These sure are popular.  I hear a lot of people like this one. Check them out here!

    Lehigh Valley (PA) Brony  Meetup

    Time: January 28th Noon until 4pm

    Place: Northampton Community College / Hartzel Technology Hall Room 156

    Address: 3835 Green Pond Road Bethlehem, PA 18020

    RSVP if possible to: [email protected]

    Website: http://www.lvpabronies.blogspot.com/  for more information

    University of Virginia Pony Event

    On Saturday, January 21st, the [email protected] will be having an information session to bring in new members from around the University, and to raise awareness about the club. It will be held in O'Hill's Terrace Dining Room (in the back), at 7 PM. We hope to see you all there!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Keychain Pony
    Pony Lamp
    Pony Pins